Tromba turntables, amplifiers, cables and accessories are 100% designed, tested and manufactured by Tromba and are not OEM clones, or other manufacturer’s products with pretty new case work like many components offered in today’s Hi-Fi market.  We build what we want, the way we want using our many years of experience in the audio/video manufacturing field. We are audiophiles as well as actual manufacturers and take authentic sound reproduction as serious as we do the manufacture of our products.


Tromba is 100% Taiwanese based and manufactured and proud of it. We use only top of the line premium components(resistors, capacitors, tubes, motors sourced from reputable verified companies based in Taiwan, Europe and the United States.  Unlike many of today’s so called hi-end companies we don’t pump out 24hrs a day China made products to reduce cost while sacrificing sound and production quality.  What we do is make our products line in small quantities that are carefully assembled, inspected and auditioned before they get boxed and sent to our clients.


If you have any questions regarding our unique original line of Hi-Fi products please feel free to contact us at or stop by for a private audition.


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